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On Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance announced that it had filed a report with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for possible crimes including “professional discrimination” in the infamous allowance affair. The Public Prosecution Service will mainly look at the work of two fraud teams and the directorate of the Allowances department between 2013 and 2017. In addition to professional discrimination, it would also concern “gagging”, an official crime in which an official deliberately claims money.

The top official states in the email that he has had no involvement, science or direct responsibility in the handling of allowances. He was, however, involved in the criminal-law approach to allowances with a judicial test, which he knows is not disputed.

Due to the harsh approach to fraud that the Tax and Customs Administration used a few years ago, many victims of financial problems faced serious problems. State Secretary Menno Snel acted at the end of last year because of the affair.

His successor State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen (Supplements) already announced on Tuesday that the ministry would take ‘internal measures’ pending the investigation. She did not want to say anything more about that.

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