Finally, Trump also put on the mask; Secret films out; Followed by troll | Donald Trump


Secret images of US President Donald Trump wearing mask The trolls also followed.

When the whole world forced the mask on fear of the pestilence, Trump said he would not get it. Reports have also surfaced that Trump was wearing a blue mask in recent days. Trump refused to wear the mask even when he visited the factory.

Trump admitted to wearing a face mask during a tour of a Ford manufacturing plant in Michigan that manufactures ventilators for patients with Covid-19. He was specifically told not to photograph it while wearing it. But it was reported that someone had secretly copied the image. The picture was taken without the president’s knowledge.

Most are critical of Trump’s idea that the mask will affect his image as a leader. In the wake of the Covid spread, a number of people have come out in protest after the US forced the mask on.

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