Finally … a study reveals the cause of the historical strained relationship between cats and mice


The aggressive relationship between cats and mice is still one of the questions that baffled many people around the world, and many films and cartoon series have been woven around it, and those who do not know, for example, “Tom and Jerry”, who focuses on this tense relationship comically.

To find out the secret of this relationship, the experts focused on the history of these mammals, their spread in the region and the date of their appearance, noting their relationship with humans and agricultural areas.

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An international research team including researchers from 8 countries around the world has studied this relationship and the history of the appearance of cat mice in the environment in which humans live.

The study published in the magazine “haaretz” that gray mice with a high ability to spread quickly, benefited from human stability and investment of agricultural lands 15 thousand years ago, which helped them to spread in new regions and then invade the planet.

The researchers found in the study the effects, remains and bones of more than 800 of these mice in different regions of the Near East, distributed over 43 archaeological sites in southeastern Europe and in the Near East, extending from Greece to Iran, dating back to different eras between 3 thousand years and 43 A thousand years.

The team noted that the infestation of mice into the mainland of Europe occurred late, because the Europeans were late in cultivation and stability, that is, approximately 6,500 years ago in Eastern Europe and 4,000 years in southern Europe.

According to archaeologist and study supervisor, Thomas Kochi, the effects showed that mice lived in the same human environment 15,000 years ago, because of an appropriate and stable environment provided by human stability.

The research considered that the problem between mice and cats started when house and cat mice appeared in the same time period, and when people and farmers observed that cats knew how to deal with these rodents.

Therefore, the farmers raised these cats and domesticated them in their homes and used them to chase the rats in homes and farms, and the researchers considered that this problem arose because the appearance of mice and cats around humans was in a close period, which caused a kind of competition between the sexes to survive.

Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry

The researcher noted Kochi that the spread of agriculture and fields and the increase in the number and expansion of villages, led to the spread of mice in large areas in the east extending to Anatolia 12 thousand years ago.

And the research showed that the residents considered these mice an invasive race, especially when they noticed that it moved with ship goods “like passengers” to the islands or by trade to new cities, which required the use of cats to fight them and put an end to their spread.

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