Fiki was speechless with happiness, they made him happy with … (VIDEO)


Fiki Storaro’s victory in “Like Two Drops of Water” is by far not the greatest recognition for the artist. His fans have grown significantly and received respect from people who do not even listen to chalga.

Tony Storaro’s son turned out to be a favorite of his colleagues. He was moved before the end of the show after seeing that several of his colleagues had recorded a special address with kind words to him.

The great Vasil Naidenov invited his fans to vote for Fiki. A week before the grand final, Fiki made a deadly imitation of the pop legend in front of Naidenov, who was stunned by the talent of his colleague. And at the end of the performance, Vasco went on stage and sang to his imitator.

His colleagues from pop folk Emilia, Desi Slava, Maria, Bonnie, Boris Dali, Anelia, Ivana, Alicia, Roxana and others also expressed support for Fiki. Boris Soltariyski and the folk singer Slavka Kalcheva also joined the fans of the amazing Fiki Storaro.

“Dear colleagues and friends, I have no words to describe how happy you were! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! For me, your support means a lot,” Fiki wrote on Instagram.

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