Fight in bTV! Venelin Petkov’s wives clung to their hair


The news that the presenter of the sports news on BTV Nikoleta Madanska is pregnant by her boss Venelin Petkov has ruined his ex-girlfriend Gena Traykova, their colleagues revealed, Weekend writes.

Nicoleta has not appeared on the air for almost two months and this has caused a lot of questions among viewers. Until recently, Madanska was one of the stars of the sports show and her sudden disappearance has certainly become doubtful. The smiling blonde is still part of the BTV team and regularly shares various reports of her colleagues on her Facebook wall, but she has not been on screen for several weeks. One of the reasons was the fading coronavirus pandemic, which greatly worried the expectant mother. Nicoletta and Venelin kept it a secret from their colleagues that they would become parents because of his ex-wife Gena. The future parents did not want to talk them out of it and tried to keep her pregnancy a secret for as long as possible. In any case, the rumors have already been officially confirmed. Since the good news circulated on BTV, Traikova has been in a minor mood and smiles less and less.

Venelin and Gena were one of the most famous love couples on the sidelines of BTV for 7 years. Their love flared while they were a screen couple and read the news every night. The separation happened when they were promoted to bosses, but in the name of their joint work they maintained civilized relations and to this day they are good friends. After their separation, Petkov loved the former kiss and host of the show “Cool … T” Polina Gergusheva. Gena had a relationship with her much younger colleague Ivan Georgiev. Two months before receiving the long-awaited promotion as head of news, the former journalist began a relationship with the ambitious reporter. It was his affair with her that shot him to the top. Georgiev was promoted to news anchor thanks to his burnout. However, Gena turned out to be quite domineering and jealous and Ivan abandoned her. For several months now, the blue-eyed blonde has been wearing a beautiful engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

However, Traykova’s colleagues revealed that she was not engaged, but deliberately wore the jewelry with a stone to irritate her ex-wife Venelin. Gena secretly hoped that with her great love Venelin would have a chance to reunite one day. Alas, the news that he was going to be a father crushed her. The relationship between 35-year-old Nicoleta and 48-year-old Venelin started at the Christmas party on TV in 2015 in Bansko. Then they exchanged jokes and banter, and the next day witnesses saw them skiing together. Nicoletta is said to have taken the first step towards a more serious engagement by inviting Venelin to a supposedly friendly meeting at her home under the pretext that she wanted to demonstrate her cooking skills to him. The blonde is famous as a master of sweets and cakes, but in addition to culinary temptations, she managed to impress Petkov with her vision. He quickly fell for the beauty. In recent years, journalists have been on the verge of separation several times, but they seem to have managed to iron out their differences.

Their relatives say that they are both very difficult characters, who like to impose their opinion, but in the name of love and harmony they managed to make many compromises. Until recently, Venelin was focused on his career, but with age he increasingly thought of heirs. So he and Nicoletta came to the conclusion that they were ready to be parents.

Their colleagues from BTV say that they were so secretive about their personal lives that even after 4 years of living together, they still kept their distance from the others in the news room. Even in their personal profiles on social networks, they did not share their common photos, as if their relationship was only collegial. As a TV boss, Venelin found it very unprofessional to advertise that he lived with his subordinate.

However, now that a baby is on the horizon, this cannot go unnoticed. It is possible that the journalist and his colleague will legalize their relationship with marriage, the industry admits.

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