Fierce restrictions on Oman, a fine of up to RM20 if they do not meet this requirement – NEWS 360 – GULF



Muscat: The Oman administration has become more restrained in the face of unchanged conditions. The decision to impose a penalty of RM20 is on those who do not wear masks at public places and commercial centers in the country. There should be no cohesion during the feast. If more than five non-family members get together, that would be considered a violation of the Supreme Committee’s decision. There is also a fine of one hundred riyals each to be imposed in this case.

The organizers of the meeting will have to pay 1500 riyals. This penalty is for weddings, holidays and gatherings at places of worship. Those who do not follow the quarantine procedures will be fined 200 Rial. These penalties will be allocated to the Ministry of Health for Kovid Prevention. The public prosecutor said the police had the right to go and check in on private entities.

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