Fewer covid patients on intensive care


In the past 24 hours, 299 new infections with the coronavirus have been reported. The total number of formally recorded infections thus rises to 56,810.

34 new patients have also been admitted to hospital. There are now 1,388 Covid 19 patients in the hospital.

The number of patients on intensive care has decreased by 9 to 259 patients. The figures show that the number of patients on intensive care has decreased by 5 percent per day in the past three days. 25 new deaths have also been reported. This is evident from corona figures from the Crisis Center. That brings the total to 9,237 deaths.

“The numbers look good,” virologist Marc Van Ranst tells VRT Nieuws. ‘We have 34 new hospital admissions, which is the lowest figure in a long time. We do not see any deterioration due to the relaxation or not yet. “

There are fewer and fewer Covid 19 patients on intensive care.
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