Federer is pathetic and knows that Novak is better than him in everything: How the war broke out between Roger and the Djokovic family


Novak Djokovic’s parents are known for their fanatical support and faith in their son. We can’t forget the cult T-shirt with which the father of the Serb – Serjan, appeared at the final of the US Open in 2010, which depicted a huge portrait of Joko with an eagle T-shirt.

“He’s just a proud father, what more can I say? I don’t know where he got this T-shirt, probably from Belgrade. But he’s my father, if he wants to wear it, let him wear it. I wouldn’t wear it. I love so much, “Nole explained then.

However, the love and support of his parents sometimes grew into hatred and harsh remarks towards his rivals. Sarjan’s last big outburst was in his victory over Dominic Thiem in the Australian Open 2020 final, when he said: “The seven-time champion is playing on Central Court, where he has never lost, and the stands are shouting for some Austrian.”

Sarjan has a lot to say about Rafael Nadal. “Nadal was his best friend while he was beating him. When he stopped winning, their friendship was over,” he said in 2013.

However, the Spaniard did not remain indebted to him: “Djokovic’s father must talk to his son. I have always had a good relationship with him and they remain so to this day. As I have lost to him, so he has lost to me, but never we had no problems. ”

But Djokovic’s parents’ biggest enemy is Roger Federer. The Swiss insulted Nole 14 years ago and this is still remembered from Novak’s parental body.

Here is a chronology of the war between Djokovic’s and Federer’s parents:

September 2006

Switzerland plays Serbia for the Davis Cup. In the second match, the 19-year-old Djokovic defeated Stan Wawrinka in five sets, but Federer did not like Novak calling a doctor on the court several times, presumably to get his opponent out of rhythm.

“I don’t believe in his injuries. Honestly, that’s not normal,” Roger said at the time, then beat the Serb in three sets and helped Switzerland move on to the tournament.

In 2012, Rogerd recalled his words and explained: “I was just upset then because he called the doctor very often for no apparent reason against my friend Stan. That’s it. Then we both talked in Madrid and everything has been fine between us ever since. ”

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But not according to Joko’s parents.

January 2008

Novak defeated Federer in the semifinals of the Australian Open, and his mother, Diana, said: “As we like to say – the king is dead, long live the king. Novak was not considered a king before the tournament. But after the US Open final, my husband said, “This is his last victory over Novak.”

April 2008

After Australia, these words Federer and Djokovic met in the semifinals of the Masters in Monte Carlo. In the middle of the first set, the lineman confused a ball and awarded a shot to the Serb in the out. Federer admitted that she was inside, erased the imprint on the glue, and after hearing a remark from the stands, replied with: “Quieter!”

The cameras immediately captured who the reply was aimed at – Djokovic’s box, where his parents were sitting.

Federer won the match, and Nole’s father’s prediction did not come true, as the Swiss would beat his son 17 more times after that. But Djokovic still leads in their direct clashes with 27:23 wins.

July 2013

Srdjan gave an interview to a Serbian daily in which he stated directly: “Federer is still perhaps the greatest player in history, but as a person he is just the opposite. He attacked Novak during the Davis Cup in 2006 because he found out that this would be his successor. And so he tried to fail him. Novak’s successes were unheard of, and that is exactly what Federer cannot accept. ”

March 2016

In another interview, Srdjan recalled the Davis Cup incident 10 years later.

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“Everyone has a right to an opinion. When Serbia and Switzerland played in Geneva in 2006, Novak was still 19 years old. He had nose problems, he couldn’t breathe well after long matches and long playoffs. And Federer tried to do that. embarrassed by his breathing problems.

He has proven to be the greatest player in history, but he is not very pleasant as a person. No one has behaved like that with Novak before. And I don’t understand why Federer still plays tennis. He is already 34 years old. ”

After these words, the Swiss won three more Grand Slam titles. Had he given up, as Djokovic Sr. had advised, Nole would have equaled major titles with him.

October 2018

Sarjan continues to attack Federer: “I said he is a great champion, but pathetic as a man. And I still think so. Although his behavior has changed recently. During the Laver Cup, he even gave advice to Novak.

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February 2020

Despite acknowledging that Federer had begun to behave differently, Sarjan’s attitude toward him remained the same.

“He envied Novak from the moment he tried. He understands that my son is better than him and that he is superior to him in everything.

Federer is an exceptional tennis player, but the same cannot be said of his human qualities. ”

May 2020

Diana Djokovic reappeared on stage. But again, she was a little more careful with her words than she was with her husband.

“I’ve watched a lot of my son’s games, but last year’s Wimbledon final was the toughest. The whole court supported Roger, Novak’s fans could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Of course, it’s not good for any opponent to annoy me, but that’s the case with Roger, because he’s a little arrogant. ”

After his brief remark during Monte Carlo in 2008, Federer did not respond to attacks by Djokovic’s family.

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