Fans presented the biggest gift for the holiday of Levski – donated nearly 300,000 levs to save the club


on 24.05.2020 at 20:36:18

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Everyone is looking for happiness in the world. If you are ok in Plovdiv, why should you impose it as the best, best and most diverse place for social life?
I no longer sleep every day in a different apartment, where I don’t remember how I got, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t do the nonsense that is done after using this and that.
Now I live in a small town, I have neighbors 500 meters away, on one side is a forest, on the other side a pasture with sheep, there is a small lake where in the morning there are always deer …
I go out on the porch on weekends, I drink my coffee, silence, there is no one … My family is fine (yes *** on a tree), I don’t need anything else.
There is no one to talk to me on pIdiras, miso, tilifon, fuck and so on …

Every crazy with his number.

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