Fairytale Wonderland open again from 2 June


ENKHUIZEN – Sprookjeswonderland amusement park will open its doors to the public again on 2 June. Although strict rules are attached to it because of the corona crisis. “We are going to start quietly,” director Mathijs de Vries told NH Nieuws.

In the beginning, four hundred cards are available daily. “We can receive a maximum of half of our normal visit. But we start with much less. And then we calmly look at how that works and then we can scale up,” says De Vries.

Reservation required

The park is currently busy taking measures to ensure a safe visit. For example, you must reserve a day and an arrival time online in advance. “In some places, such as the gnome forest, one-way traffic has been set up. You are also not allowed to enter the petting zoo and our restaurants have been adapted. It will all take a little longer than normal.”

The director previously informed NH Nieuws that the corona crisis was a major one financial loss is. And the reopening does not solve that problem either. “It is necessary to open again, but with four hundred visitors it is not yet profitable. But the month of June should be a prelude to the high season. Then we hope to go to the maximum capacity, although we do not yet know exactly how many people there can come then. ”

The reservation system is expected to be available in the next week. Sprookjeswonderland is also making a new website for this.

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