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You are going to sell a sofa, take a picture of it and upload it to Facebook’s new feature shop. The film recognizes the ingenuity of the Facebook shops and suggests that it be listed as a black, leather, 5 seater sofa. This is just one example. Facebook’s introduction of small businesses for small businesses is not just a shopping platform. It is a sophisticated marketplace that can automatically identify all the products being sold, from furniture to fashion through Artificial Intelligence.

In the e-commerce sector, Artificial Intelligence, or built-in intelligence, augmented reality and digital assistance, will be available for home shopping and shopping experience. Facebook is just getting started. The product recognition facility will be the first of its kind for Artificial Intelligence features in e-commerce platforms in the near future.

Understanding E-Commerce

GrocNet uses a new tool for identifying products. GrokNet can detect tens of thousands of different features of an image. We mentioned the example of the sofa at the beginning. Built-in intelligence, when we upload to a photo page of our selling product, automatically tags and links to the shopping page. Built-in intelligence systems can identify customers’ shopping habits and their interests and suggest products they may need.

GrokNet has been trained to understand the features of billions of images from a large database. Most of these images were taken from Facebook’s Marketplace. Facebook says this data is critical in creating a machine vision system that can detect photos taken in low light and photos taken from different angles without seeing the whole product.

Now let’s see how Facebook Shops can benefit entrepreneurs and merchants.

$ What is its benefit

Simply put, any product you can legally sell can be listed for free. Facebook can be a helping hand for small businesses that are struggling in the current crisis. Retail businesses are turning to online platforms in this case where people can’t go out and shop like they used to. The new feature will also help boost Facebook’s revenue.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s goal is to turn Facebook and Instagram into online shopping stores. “Its primary goal is to create an online presence for small and medium businesses and thereby overcome the current situation.” Says George Lee, director of product management at Facebook. Small businesses can use this platform for free.

The service is now available on Facebook and Instagram, but aims to expand to WhatsApp and Messenger.

$ How does it work?

Creating a profile on Facebook and creating a page, as you say, creates a page. When creating a shop, the entrepreneur can select the products he wants to sell from Facebook’s catalog. The entrepreneur can customize his own Facebook shop with his favorite cover image and colors.

Customers can view these shops on their Facebook page and Instagram profile. You can search all products in the shop, save and order the favorites.

$ Is it free?

Shop free of charge for small businesses. Customer service is free. Businesses can advertise this. Merchants can use the Facebook Checkout feature to make small transactions.

$ Is this service available?

ShopS feature is already available in the US. The service will be available globally in the coming months.

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