Facebook refuses to remove Donald Trump’s posts


Mark Zuckerberg, Photo: Facebook

After Twitter signaled a U.S. president’s post praising “violence,” Donald Trump felt victim to political censorship and launched a battle against a social network that downloaded one of his Minnesota riots. However, Facebook refuses to remove Trump’s posts, informs AFP.

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the US president’s posts do not pose an “imminent danger”, BTA reported.

In a message on social media, Zuckerberg explained why he made this choice: “I know that many people are angry with us for not moderating the president’s posts, but we think we should allow any opinion to be expressed as long as it does not involve imminent danger.”

He had previously defended this position to Fox News: “We have a different policy. I’m just convinced that Facebook should not be an arbiter of the truth about what people say on the Internet.” Many users have accused him of saying he was taking Donald Trump’s side.

Twitter signaled Trump’s post as a “praise of violence,” but it still stands. The US president had reacted to the clashes in Minneapolis. “Once the looting begins, the shooting begins. Thank you!” He wrote.

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