Facebook launches special app for live events


San Francisco: Facebook’s special mobile app for live events. It is called Venue. The app was developed by Facebook’s new Product Experimentation team.

Venus App will test Facebook at the NASCAR Food City Supermarket Heroes 500 race on May 31. Fascinating NASCAR races will be held on Facebook.

Fans of live shows can enjoy the event by interacting with each other. Event commentators can implement ideas that enable viewer engagement.

Once the Moment of an Event has been created, fans will receive that information for notification.

Venue is compared to Twitter’s live event streaming systems. Viewers have the option of interacting with a similar hashtag while streaming live events on Twitter.

This is the third app released by Facebook’s Product Experimentation team. Earlier, they released Tic Tac’s similar collab app and voice calling app Catch Up.

Content Highlights: Facebook launches new app to make live events more social

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