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After Whatsapp, Instagram is now also getting support for setting up Messenger Rooms, Facebook’s video conference service. Instagram users can create a Messenger Room directly from their message box, if they have a Facebook account.

Facebook previously released a beta of Whatsapp with a link to Messenger Rooms, with the company already indicating that Instagram would also follow. According to Engadget, the necessary update of Instagram has now been released, with the link to Messenger Rooms being present. This allows Instagram users to create a Room for video calling from their message inbox.

Create a Messenger Room if a Facebook account is linked to Instagram. Those who do not have Facebook can still visit someone else’s Room. It is also still possible to use Instagram’s own video calling function.

Facebook released Messenger Rooms last week. The feature allows Facebook users to make video calls to fifty people at a time. For the built-in video chat feature in Instagram, that’s limited to six people. Guests can join a Room as long as they have the link. In time, Facebook wants to encrypt Rooms conversations end-to-end.

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