Facebook allows the opening of stores to buy and sell on its platform for free


The American company, “Facebook”, for social communication, announced the launch of the “Facebook stores” service, which is designed to help business owners buy and sell on its platform for free, amid the spread of the new “Corona” pandemic that affected many businesses around the world.

Facebook stores are operated in cooperation with third-party e-commerce agencies such as Shopify, Big Commerce and Wu, in order to convert Facebook into a first-class shopping destination, according to The Verg.

                    REUTERS / Johanna Geron

Corona helps increase the browsing of a service on Facebook

And Facebook stores will allow companies to prepare their product listings on their Facebook page, on Instagram, on their store, or through advertisements.

The service also allows companies to sell products to their customers through chatting through “WhatsApp”, “Messenger” and “Instagram Direct” applications, and they will be able to tag products during the live broadcast of “Facebook” and “Instagram” so that customers can click on the tags and transfer them To the product order page.

The “Facebook stores” service comes in the framework of the company intensifying its efforts to support small companies during the new epidemic of “Corona” virus.

“If you can’t actually open your shop or restaurant, you can still receive orders online and ship them to people,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a message to him.

He added: “We are seeing a lot of small companies that did not have internet businesses connected to the Internet for the first time.”

The “Facebook stores” service started its activity last Tuesday, and it will reach “Instagram” sometime this summer.

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