Fabregas’ wife: Lebanese politicians “thieves”


The wife of the famous Spanish player, Cesc Fabregas, attacked Lebanese politician Daniela Simon, calling them “thieves”.

Simon made the remarks, in a post on her page via Her account On Twitter.

Fabregas’ wife attached her tweet to a photo of the Lebanese parliament, in which deputies appear together.

Simon wrote in her tweet: “You ruled 30 years, and you spent 320 billion dollars, enough to build 15 countries, and you did not build one factory.”

“There are no fools of you but the ones who defend you and those who are dreamed of you, you are nothing but chaos.”

Fabregas’ wife wrote a commentary on the photo, saying: “The cave of thieves in my country.”

Simeon used to write comments in Arabic, attacking Lebanon’s policies, and supporting demonstrations, as well as supporting protests in Iraq.

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