Extraordinary news for those trapped in the garbage affair


The specialized prosecutor’s office submitted to the court the request for detention of Deputy Ministers Krassimir Zhivkov, Gabriel Savov, Atanas Bobokov and Nikolay Mihovski. The prosecution will ask the court to impose house arrest on Vasil Bogdanov and Aygun Eminov.

The lawyers of the accused are to get acquainted with the materials of the case, and the court is to set an hour for hearing the case. The prosecutor’s office for the garbage affair: Photos with names of killed and large sums were found, the name of Bozhkov VIDEO emerges

A bail of BGN 1 million has been set for businessman Plamen Bobokov, against whom he will be released.

We remind you that on May 28 in several cities in the country a specialized action of the prosecutor’s office was held. After that, the Deputy Minister of Ecology was arrested under a scheme for coercion and trade in garbage.

According to the prosecutor’s office, a former director of the eco-inspection in Pleven also took part in a criminal group.

The special teams inspected both private properties and government agencies. Specifically, Deputy Minister Krassimir Zhivkov is under investigation for pressure, coercion, dismissal of dissenting ministry officials and directing of waste for recycling to specific companies controlled by him.

The operation of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office lasted more than 3 hours in the Ministry of Ecology. Zhivkov himself said on his way out that he would assist in the investigation, and hours later he was detained.

The famous Bobokovi brothers were also detained during the operation.


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