Export slowly started: ‘My horses have been in the stable all this time’


Even now that exports from the Netherlands are slowly increasing, getting a place on board was not self-evident. “It was quite difficult. We had to continuously monitor various airlines. Because of the corona crisis, there was no flying and no caretaker could use it,” says Van Santvoort.

Transport problems

In the end, the horses can now participate because KLM uses old aircraft that transport both goods and horses. “The tickets for this are more expensive than before the crisis, it really saves a lot,” says Van Santvoort. “Fortunately, the Chinese customers have agreed to this, they have been waiting for their horse for months. Some since December.”

No exports in recent months meant no new income for the entrepreneur. She says she made it through a financial buffer. She calls it a business risk. Fortunately for Van Santvoort, the demand for her horses remained. “It was purely the export problems. You depend on the airlines who did not fly, and when they did, there was no staff to work. “


The fact that she can now export horses for the first time does not mean that it is now again business as usual is. “It will be a special year. And the logistical problems are not over: it is still a hassle to deliver the horses in China. Customers will not be able to come directly to the reception location because they live in a different place.”

Evofenedex also says that the problems are not over yet.

“You can partly turn off the economy, we have seen that with the lockdowns, but turning it on is a completely different story,” says director Koopman. “We now have a lack of consumer confidence. There are also all kinds of problems in the world: from the United Kingdom to the US, where the health situation is not even under control, let alone the economic situation.”

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