Experts warn … 10 foods that should not be eaten at specific times


Researchers in the field of nutrition indicated that there are some foods and dishes that eating at certain times may cause digestive problems, or may cause excessive weight gain.

The researchers stressed that eating some of these foods in the wrong times may cause several problems such as indigestion and constipation and problems in the stomach and intestine.

The researchers considered that many people suffer from these problems, but they do not know the reason because they do not link what they eat in their day with digestive symptoms.

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According to the “boldsky” website that specializes in health and food matters, it is very important to know the correct times to eat foods to avoid these problems, and specify 10 foods that should not be avoided eating at specific times because they cause noticeable problems on humans, and they have unexpected negative results, which are:

Green tea

Green tea is considered one of the herbs rich in benefits, especially for slimming, but you do not benefit from its properties if you drink it at the wrong time. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning leads to dehydration and a burning sensation in the stomach, due to caffeine, so it is preferred to take it after food.

the rice

Experts advise to avoid eating rice at night, because it increases the feeling of bloating and causes digestive strikes during sleep, in addition to causing obesity at this time because it contains starch, which requires a long time to be digested in the stomach.

the milk

In spite of its rich eid benefits, eating milk at specific times may have negative effects, for example drinking milk during daylight hours usually causes laziness, because it needs a long time to digest. Therefore, experts advise consuming a cup of milk at night because it helps the body to relax, and its beneficial nutrients are fully absorbed.


Eating yogurt during the long hours of the day is considered one of the factors that help the digestion process and enhance the health of the stomach, but health experts warn against eating it at night because it helps the appearance of heat in the body and causes heartburn (acidity) and some other digestive problems, such as affecting the respiratory system and symptoms Cold and coughing.

the banana

Bananas are considered one of the fruits rich in antacids. Therefore, it generally helps in reducing the feeling of heartburn. Eating bananas during the day is very beneficial and provides the body with the energy required to carry out its activities and gives a feeling of happiness and comfort. However, eating this fruit at night causes several problems, including Cold and cough symptoms appear, so they should be taken in the morning and during the day.


Apples are a very useful fruit because they contain a lot of antioxidants, but eating it at night causes heartburn because it increases the levels of acidity in the stomach, but eating this fruit during the day has a wonderful effect and enhances the performance of the intestine.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the foods that helps give the body energy and a good amount of natural sugar, in addition to that it promotes a feeling of happiness, and it is rich in organic compounds that promote health and reduce the chances of heart disease. But consuming them at night will completely reverse the expected results, as they cause bad moods and reduce blood pressure.

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The pressure of long work and study forces many to drink coffee at night in order to help them regain their activity, but experts stressed that this habit is very harmful to health, and causes disturbances in the digestion process, and insomnia due to its large amount of caffeine. So it is better to have coffee in the morning or during the day.

Orange juice

Orange fruit is rich in vitamin “C”, so its juice gives high immunity to some diseases, and eating it during the day provides the body with energy and gives a feeling of vitality, and it increases the rates of burning inside the body, and it is rich in folic acid and vitamin D. But eating it at night causes heartburn and increases Stomach acid rates.

Whipped juices

Eating squeezed juices in the morning helps to increase the energy of the body because it is rich in sugar, and maintains activity throughout the day, but these drinks have the opposite effect at night, they cause an increase in weight, because the body does not carry out any activities during the night, so the sugars are not burned so you should avoid These juices at night.

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