Exclusive PHOTOS reveal the mystery surrounding the Bulgarian next to Elon Musk


Surfer, extreme ski lover, pianist as a child, hereditary mathematician. This shows a quick overview of the profiles of Kiko Donchev, director of ground operations and preparation for launch at SpaceX.

The Bulgarian was next to Elon Musk when the shuttle was launched, write “Maritsa“.

Bulgarian trace in the historic flight with which the United States returned to space PHOTOS

Kiko is the son of Yassen Donchev, who has been a professor at the University of Michigan since 2000.

It seems that then the family emigrated to America.

Kiko Donchev

Kiko also grew up there, according to the testimony of our pianist Ani Gogova, who gave him private lessons as a child. The Bulgarian also specializes in piano at the University of Michigan. Then he was a teacher there, now he lives and works in Chicago.

Ani is from Burgas, she graduated from the Music Academy in Sofia. And last night she wrote that she was proud of her student Kiko, posting a photo of Donchev next to Elon Musk.

Kiko Donchev’s piano teacher – Ani Gogova

Kiko himself is not very active on social networks. But the photos show that he surfs, loves to be in nature. There are pictures of extreme skiing in America. There are also romantic photos of a boat and an obviously close lady.

As it turned out, Kiko is a hereditary mathematician.

Kiko’s father, Asen DonchevFather Asen was born in 1948 in Pleven. He graduated from high school (1966) with a gold medal in his hometown. He studied for a year at MEI, Sofia (majoring in Electronic Computers), after which he continued his education at the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. He’s obviously a genius.

After the second year he moved to an individual program oriented to the mathematical theory of management and began to engage in scientific work in this field. He graduated from the university with a master’s degree (1971), and in 1974 received a doctorate (Ph.D.).

After his return to Bulgaria, he worked (1975-1989) at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics (now IMI-BAS) of the ECMM, where he received his habilitation (1983), defended his dissertation for Doctor of Mathematical Sciences (DMN, 1987) and became a professor. .

He has been an Associate Editor at the Mathematical Reviews since 1990, and an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan since 2000.

PhD (Ph.D., 1974), Doctor of Mathematical Sciences (DMN, 1987). Associate Professor (1983), Professor (1988).

Works mainly in the fields of Variation Analysis, Optimization, Optimal Control, as well as in neighboring fields such as Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory, Differential Inclusions, Numerical Methods.

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