Ex-member Special Forces and son arrested for escape Ren …


The spectacular escape of former Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn from Japan has been the work of a former member of the United States special forces and his son. Both men were arrested near Boston.

Michael Taylor at Istanbul Airport, where Ghosn’s plane made a stopover. AP

The French-Lebanese “car king” Carlos Ghosn, boss of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi car group, was arrested in November 2018 by the Japanese court for large-scale financial fraud. When he was released on bail and placed under house arrest, Ghosn contacted ex-Green Beret Michael Taylor (59), whose wife is also of Lebanese descent, through his Lebanese supporters.

Ghosn escaped in such boxes. AFP

His son Peter met Ghosn seven times in Japan. For example, they put the scenario of Ghosn’s escape in a black travel case for a musical instrument on the loom. Surveillance footage shows Ghosn entering Peter Taylor’s room at an Osaka hotel on December 29, 2019, but never left them. A few days earlier, Taylor had left some large instrument boxes in that room, which they had brought into the country by private jet. On the return flight to Lebanon, with a stopover in Istanbul, Ghosn was in one of those suitcases. Father and son Taylor are now waiting for their extradition to Japan. Ghosn itself cannot be extradited from Japan to Lebanon.

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