Emil Velev: Personally, I would accept help in Levski from everyone, including CSKA


Levski legend Emil Velev commented on the situation at the club. Here is what Kokala said on BNT:

“Love leads everyone to Levski. This is the strongest thing. This age-old team does not deserve what is happening to it. Various side fights, etc.

The team deserves unity, respect and love.

Emil Spasov: For years in Levski there has been a collective irresponsibility

“I hope that with the arrival of Sirakov, things will improve.”

I would advise Sirakov to surround himself with people he trusts. Those who have been through the club – teenagers, coaches with whom he thinks he will work.

I don’t think it would be bad if he was in charge of an institution like Levski.

My sweet moments are many. They are more than the bad ones. I remember 83/84 when we took the three trophies. The euphoria was huge. Then and in the 88th year we defeated Botev (Vr) with my goal. And then we became champions.

Darko Tasevski: I worked under the leadership of Nasko Sirakov, I am surprised that I did not return to Levski earlier

Tasevski: I worked under Sirakov’s leadership, I’m surprised I didn’t return to Levski earlier

“Fans’ hope must not die”

When we were kicked out of football 84/85. 5 people from Levski, from CSKA the star Stoichkov was also sent away. He was just starting out in football. It wasn’t fair, but those were the moments.

If it depends on me and if it is offered, personally I would accept an offer from CSKA. But I don’t know how it could happen. I would not refuse help from anyone.

I hope the fans love the team and never leave it, “said Kokala.

Nasko Sirakov: I am legitimized by the whole blue community, but I am not yet documented and legally

Nasko Sirakov: I am legitimized by the whole blue community, but I am not yet documented and legally

The legendary goal scorer promised to answer questions when things happen

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