Emil Velev: Nasko is a man with a lot of experience and he has not forgotten football, I was wrongly fired in Levski


Emil Velev took a stand on the latest events in the club. Here is what he said to Meridian Match:

Nasko is a man with a lot of experience. Some say, “but he hasn’t been in football for 10 years.” It’s like riding a bike – once you learn, you don’t forget. an idea of ​​what is happening both outside and inside.

We won the last title with a budget of BGN 2.5 million. This was our annual budget.

With the momentum of the season we reached the groups of the Europa League. Then Ratko Dostanic came, and I was fired incorrectly.

Although, if I had stayed, we would have played in the groups of the Champions League, because Debrecen we would have beaten them “, Kokala is sure.

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