Elburg shopkeepers break with Christian Sunday rest to save business


Entrepreneurs in the Christian stronghold of Elburg open their shop on Sunday 31 May, Whit Monday, although the town officially has no shopping Sundays. With this “civil disobedience”, the shopkeepers want to enforce that the local authorities refrain from the mandatory Sunday rest to compensate for the losses of the corona crisis.

Next Monday, the Elburg city council will discuss the proposal to temporarily extend the local shopping hours regulation. A plan by local opposition party LEV to open the shops on Sunday during the summer, outside church hours. In anticipation of the council meeting, the three largest parties in Elburg – ChristenUnie, Algemeen Belang and SGP – have already indicated that they do not see anything in the plan.

In protest, 23 downtown stores have now decided to go against the ordinance and open their doors on Sunday, still outside of church time. Entrepreneur Joop Zwart says to Omroep Gelderland about this: “We want to make a statement towards local politics. Without a temporary shopping Sunday, we will not be able to survive, as several shops will fall over. ”

The Christian parties meanwhile believe that entrepreneurs should be satisfied with the support package that has been created by the cabinet. Joop Zwart says that that package is a loan and must be repaid, “and with the current turnover we will not save all that.”

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