Eid-ul-Fitr in the fullness of fasting; Even though there is no celebration, the feast is full


Abu Dhabi വിശ്വാസ Eid Al-Fitr Celebrates Celebrating the Month of Fasting for One Month There is a strict stipulation that this year’s celebration should be confined to homes as there is code control. Authorities have repeatedly warned that no public events or mass celebrations should be held to prevent the spread of disease and to ensure health.

Imam Abdul Jabbar Hudawi Kotumala of Masjid Hamad Rashid Al-Hajiri in Abu Dhabi Musafa said that celebrating the celebration of the infidelity of the Kovid era is not for the believer. Do not lose the purity of life achieved through Ramazan. This spirit must be energized for life.

We should take advantage of the social media to greet friends and relatives and share their happiness.

This year’s celebrations can be varied by bringing home relatives from all corners of the globe in a virtual world. This will help you avoid family-friendly visits.

Don’t forget to celebrate healthcare

The feast is celebrated with thanksgiving for all God’s blessings. Do not forget that everyone has a responsibility to preserve it, especially in the present age when health is the best blessing.

He also suggested that fasting and eating should be a lesson in life.

The care for the poor can continue


Fitr Zakat, the final stage of fasting, is a reminder of the need to always have compassion for the hungry. There was a religious judgment that it was not objectionable to distribute it early in the Kovid period.

According to the number of family members, the landlord has to give the Fitr Sarkat. Fitr Zakat (about two and a half kg) is the main grain of the land, but there is no objection to cash. Fitr Zakat has been set at Dh20 million by the UAE Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Takbir as a warning

Takbir will be heard in the mosque about 10 minutes before the morning prayer. After 10 minutes, you can start your home prayer. Members may worship together under the leadership of the family head. There is no objection to praying alone. The Feast of Prayer is of particular importance in the prayers.

Takbir is sounding a warning in the mosques. The Ministry of Religious Affairs reminds people not to go to mosques to pray. To avoid such suspicion, the religious affairs ministry has suggested that Takbir should be heard in crowded areas.

Handshaking and hugging

There is no need for regular hand-waving and hugging as Eid greets, as there is cautionary vigilance.

Mylanchi Monch

As the feast unfolded, the family home became a mingle of silence. It was initiated by a family of children, indigenous and foreign. The highlight of the celebration was when the elders raised their hands in front of their insistence.

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