Egyptian ministers announce opening dates for places of worship this week … Video


The Egyptian government is preparing to open places of worship, after they were closed earlier, as part of the precautionary measures for the social divergence to combat the emerging Corona virus, which has turned into a global pandemic.

Counselor Nader Saad, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, said that the government will announce the date of opening the role of the worshiper, noting that the announcement will include new precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus, which causes the “Coffid-19” disease.

He added, during a phone call to the program “Every Day”, presented by the journalist Khaled Abu Bakr via the satellite channel “On E”: “Opening the beaches of hotels during the Eid al-Fitr period was linked to their commitment to the precautionary measures approved by the government,” noting that the opening of cinemas will be discussed And theaters and cafes during this week’s crisis committee. “

In a statement on Facebook, the Ministry announced that the number of new cases of corona virus recovered to 6037, and that they were discharged from isolation and quarantine hospitals, while 1536 new positive cases of corona virus and 46 deaths were registered.

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