Egypt … the population of Greater Cairo is 3 times higher than it was in 1980


Today, Friday, the National Population Council in Egypt revealed the increase in the population of Greater Cairo to 3 times what it was 40 years ago, indicating that the number is still expected to increase during the coming years.

According to the newspaper, “Al-Masry Al-Youm,” the council said in its publication that the population of the Greater Cairo region – which includes the governorates of Cairo, Giza and Qaliubiya – increased to 20.9 million this year, from 7.3 million in 1980.

                    REUTERS / TIKSA NEGERI

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The council said that the expected population of Greater Cairo will continue to rise until it records more than 30 million people by 2035, which will represent about 24% of the total population of Egypt.

The National Population pointed out that Cairo is ranked seventh in the world in terms of population density this year, and is likely to occupy the fifth globally 15 years from now.

Egypt’s population exceeded the 100 million mark in February, and the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics said the number would jump to more than 153 million by 2052.

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