Egypt … the fact that the imam of the mosque escaped from the police while trying to pray Eid … video


Today, Sunday, on social media, a video clip of a young twenty-year-old dressed in a floral dress, running on the street alone, comically, alleged that the police were chasing him because he did not adhere to the precautionary measures to combat Corona and the obligation to pray at home.

The Ministry of Awqaf said in a statement today, that by following the video and the area in which it was recorded it was found that it is far from the mosques, and that the “video hero” called in the third grade of Al-Azhar secondary school called “Mahmoud M.A.”, and the relevant authorities were notified to verify the fact And take legal action.

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Imam of a mosque escaping from the police quickly after violating the ban … Video

While a security source at the Dakahlia Security Directorate revealed to the site “The Seventh Day” that the person behind the incident is a student in the third grade of Al-Azhari called Mahmoud M., who works in a butchery shop in the city of Nabaruh, and is known to have read the Holy Qur’an on graves on occasions.

He explained that the young man was walking in Al-Azhari uniforms near the Nabaruh Al-Alwi Bridge, and as soon as he saw the police car, he fled on the run without any chasing the police officers for him, as it was found that there were no gatherings inside the city of Nabaruh or arenas for the Eid prayer, and no violations were observed in this regard, And no lecturer was edited, because there was no violation of it.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments decided to close squares that were previously designated for the performance of Eid prayers, as part of the precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus, and to allocate some major mosques to enlargement and the prayers of its employees only.

Muslims in all the countries where “Corona” has come to miss the special rites of Eid al-Fitr, and despite their similarities, some societies have their own peculiarities and customs, which will force everyone not to establish them after tightening the prohibition measures in most Islamic countries during the week of Eid in particular, while the world lives The same precautions, total and partial stone.

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