Egypt sends a warning to the “Washington Post”


The head of the Egyptian State Information Service, Dia Rashwan, met with the director of the Washington Washington Post office in Cairo, Sodasan Rajavan, where he briefed him on the professional transgressions that characterized his recent reports on Egypt.

Rashwan pointed out that the fallacy and incorrect information contained in these reports, and wasting all the rules of the journalistic profession, by relying on unknown sources, as well as sources for individuals and destinations from outside Egypt, contrary to what the press work requires according to the accreditation granted to him, which is reading the reality in Egypt and asylum To the direct sources, and the balance in respecting the opinions of the concerned parties, and not aligning with everything that is negative even if it was merely a allegation sent, as stated in many of the reports published recently.

                    REUTERS / CARLOS BARRIA

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Rashwan also delivered the director of the Washington Post office, in a letter to the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, which includes an account of the professional violations committed by the reporter, as well as a “warning” to take appropriate measures against him that are permitted by law in Egypt, and the rules followed in many countries of the world, in the case of Continuing these professional abuses and publishing reports that offend the state in Egypt without any support from reality.

In particular, the article is titled “As coronavirus spreads in Egypt, Sissi sees opportunity to tighten his grip,” which was published on May 10.

The State Information Service indicated that the article contains serious allegations against the Egyptian authorities, which are unfounded, as the reporter refers to sources from outside Egypt, as well as to unknown “activists” and reports about the politicization of “Human Rights Watch” and Amnesty International, which were denied by Egypt from Before, according to the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Ahram”.

The newspaper claimed that the ban imposed on gatherings imposed by the Egyptian authorities because of the coronavirus is alleged to be linked to emergency situations in the country, and according to the commission, these charges are “false.”

Dia Rashwan also met with “Declan Walsh”, director of the office of the American “New York Times” in Egypt, where he was alerted to the presence of many professional abuses in some of his recent reports.

It is reported that the chief of the Information Agency had previously issued a warning to the American newspaper’s correspondent last month.

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