Egypt declares its readiness to resume negotiations of the Renaissance Dam with Sudan and Ethiopia


Egypt has expressed its willingness to resume negotiations on the Renaissance Dam with both Sudan and Ethiopia, which stopped some time ago, after Ethiopia refused to sign an initial agreement sponsored by the United States.

Cairo – Sputnik. According to a statement issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Thursday, “the Arab Republic of Egypt has expressed its permanent readiness to engage in the negotiating process and participate in the meeting to be held.”

The statement referred to the results of the meeting held today between the Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdock, and his Ethiopian counterpart, Abi Ahmed, during which it was agreed that the three parties would return to the negotiating table to complete the remaining easy part of the agreement to fill and operate the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, as was done in the negotiating tracks during The last months. “

The statement stressed “the importance of being serious and constructive and contributing to reaching a just, balanced and comprehensive agreement that preserves Egypt’s water interests and equally takes into account the interests of Ethiopia and Sudan.”

Ethiopia announced earlier its intention to start filling the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam this year without prior agreement with Egypt and Sudan, which was rejected by Egypt and submitted a memorandum to the Security Council in this regard.

Ethiopia began building the Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile in 2011, with the aim of generating electricity, and Egypt fears the dam will affect its share of water, most of which comes from the Blue Nile.

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