Egypt begins implementing a new treatment protocol for Corona


The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced the implementation of a new treatment protocol for the emerging corona virus in all isolation, chest and fever hospitals since Sunday.

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The Egyptian Parliament announces a new infection with the Corona virus among its members

According to the “Al-Dustour” website, Dr. Jihan Al-Assal, Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Committee in charge of developing treatment protocols for the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, announced the start of the implementation of the new treatment protocol in all isolation, chest and fever hospitals since Sunday, after it was formally approved by the committee and distributed to All hospitals.

She emphasized that hospitals were directed to keep treating patients with chloroquine within the treatment protocol with some anti-viral drugs, in exchange for the withdrawal of Tamiflu from the treatment protocols, to treat moderate cases because of its lack of value and effectiveness in treating patients, while replacing it with a drug to strengthen immunity and some vitamins and antibiotics.

Dr. Jihan Al-Assal said that the drug “Avigan” is still under clinical experience, as it has been tested on nearly 100 patients, indicating that it is expected that the results of the drug will appear within days, and therefore it will be determined whether it will be used within the treatment protocols or not. .

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