EasyJet founder loses battle over large Airbus order


Haji-Ioannou wanted an order for 107 Airbus A320neo series aircraft to be canceled because it would not be responsible to have such high capital costs. According to the Greek, the management should focus on higher margins instead of expansion, especially now.

CEO Johan Lundgren and his colleagues on the board of directors think differently. According to them, it is important to continue to renew the fleet, so that EasyJet will remain competitive in the future. Lundgren did postpone the delivery of 24 aircraft, but he didn’t want to go any further.

Haji-Ioannou, who even offered a £ 5 million reward for crucial information that would lead to the cancellation of the order, therefore decided to attempt to impeach the entire board. But today he got the lid on his nose at the shareholders’ meeting.

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