Dutch yard still brings in billions for construction of German frigates


With a delay of a few months, Damen Shipyards is still raising billions of euros for the construction of four frigates. The new ships will sail for the German Navy.

In January it already seemed that Damen had received the naval order. However, the German shipyard German Naval Yards in Kiel then filed a complaint procedure. The only remaining competitor urged the judge to cancel the order. Last week, the rival withdrew the complaint.

“With more than 14,000 pages and a great ship design, Damen can now proceed as the winner,” says director Richard Keulen at Omroep Zeeland.

Largely built in Germany

For example, the order for the four largest frigates that the German navy has ever had built ends up in the Netherlands. Although Cologne nuances that directly: Damen works as a main contractor with a German partner. The frigates are also largely built in Germany. “The German economy can also benefit from this,” said the director.

In addition, Damen is working with the Dutch company Thales, which will supply electronic systems and radars for the frigates.

Also dozens of jobs in Vlissingen

Cologne expects the order to also create new jobs at Damen Shipyards in the Netherlands. Such as at the shipyard in Vlissingen, where preparations for the project have already been made.

“We will deploy more project management, even more engineers, foreign teams (with German partners), buyers and planners,” says the director. He estimates that this will initially involve dozens of new jobs, possibly rising to more than a hundred. According to Cologne, the jobs are guaranteed for up to twelve years.

The only hurdle that remains to be solved is parliamentary approval of the multi-billion dollar project in Germany. “We expect this within a few weeks, at least before the summer. Then a contract can be prepared and signed with the customer, the German Ministry of Defense.”

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