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I think that conventional car builders have a bit more trouble adapting existing production lines to electric.Where Tesla started from day 1 and step 1 with full commitment and the only product to put an electric car on the market, other companies will “continue to lag behind” until they have the know-how to do it right or better to do.

What bothers me in particular … we are now making a transition, huge investments must be made and, in addition to money and time, this will also cost a lot of raw materials and energy in the form of consumed electricity / fossil fuels.

In my opinion … there is a minor interest in confronting a correct capitalist question here. I would like to see people join hands and try to make a good jump. From me part, license the Tesla platform and build your own body around it or if the VW platform turns out to be good continue on that. And if you find innovations that improve the weather, license it back or part of me and you will get a discount on your license costs for every innovation you can wear.

It feels like a race to the top for me, but everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel, where they can pick up on a consumer that brands trust because they are used to it from the fuel era, but electric cars are so fundamental otherwise that acquired knowledge can hardly be conveyed properly.

Perhaps in business approach, raw material and parts sourcing, testing, quality assurance ring, customer support and guarantees. But the actual vehicle, the product at issue, is in my opinion a technical challenge that many manufacturers will have to put in the right track and I wonder if the “best vehicles” with the best technology will be popular because consumers are often brand-fixed because of this (supposed) trust.

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