During the coronation period, the land should not be shown to the expatriates akalam shortfilm | M A NIshad Short Film | Sarayu movies | corona virus shortfilms


Around the world, coronavirus is dreading horror. New cases are reported daily. In the meantime, millions of expatriates living in exile are returning home.
The government wants family and friends to stay in the quarantine even if they have no symptoms of Kovid. There is no shortage of householders who treat them with sharp sarcasm, while caring for them with care and love. The latest short film, Away, depicts the mental dimensions of a migrant who is going through such a situation.
Director MA Nishad will be playing the central character. Starring Sarayu Mohan, Sohan Seenulal and others. Directed by N Arun. Vinu Pattat is the cinematographer.

Content Highlights: Corona virus lock down NRKs returning Kerala akalam new malayalam short film

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