Drishyam 2: ‘When digging at Rajakkad station you will get Varun’s skeleton’; Comrade George: The note that goes viral! – A facebook post about drishyam movie sequel goes viral on social media


Just yesterday, the star cast of Malayalees celebrated his 60th birthday. Meanwhile, director Jeetu Joseph has announced his next film as a birthday present for Mohanlal. Jeetu Joseph has announced the second version of Mohanlal’s biggest hit movie Darshanam. A small teaser of the film was also released by the workers. Keeping in mind what will happen when the second part of the film arrives, a film lover goes viral on Facebook. The story unfolds in connection with the arrival of George Constable, a constable, after many years. Shyam Varkala is a film lover who writes for the film titled ‘Kaanakkasavasakal’. This post was posted on social media a few months ago With the announcement of Scene 2, it has gone viral again. The fans are skeptical that this will be the theme of the film. Anyway, the movie lovers are waiting for a response from the director.

View full version of Shyam Varkala’s note:

‘Sight’ – some sights

“Georgette …? ..”

Rani (Meena) opened the door and she remembered seeing him somewhere.

“Come on in … there is ..”

“Do you remember me, Queen?”

I can see, but not in this column

“Please call Georgette ..”

Rani glanced at him once more. The right leg has a few bruises and the right hand is bruised below the knee. A long bruise on the forehead. The right eyelid is half closed.

His eyes are red and troubled. Gorjutty came down while he was sitting in his chair and went to the sitout. And the Queen. He tried to get up, but Georgette stopped him and looked at him with the opposite chair. Where’s George …

“Don’t forget me, Georgette.”

Year ten …

He laughed and looked at the queen. Rani came to Georgette trying to laugh. Georgette leaned forward from the chair and looked at him … “Sa … fellow..devan..are you ..?”

Rani was shocked to hear that name, yes this is her! There was a tremor in the body. Yes, this is him!

Sahadeva laughed out loud.

“…. I know Georgette will remember. Can I have a tea …

Water is enough. ”

Sahadeva looked at the Queen.

The queen is frozen to look at him.

“Don’t be afraid. Rani. I’m not in trouble.”

Sahadeva looked at them both with a calm face. Rani stepped in, trying to make her laugh. Georgette leaned back in the chair, trying to hide the shock and naturally laugh.

“Saripo … this is all about it. You can not believe it.”

Georgette was staring at his fellow god. He tried to change the image of Sahadeva in his mind but did not match the image in front of him.

“This figure is good for a figure. Nobody understands.

Sahadeva laughed and looked to her right hand which was half broken.

“There is a case coming up. Kash got some. But, after his sentencing, Pillar entered the house and gave up the job.

Rani extended her tea to Sahadeva. Sahadeva smiled and brought her tea.

“….. the case went on and on and on and on and on and on … I thought I would be in uniform. There was no point in earning it. It was like having a daughter. Auto driver … Kavalappara in Malappuram. Then I and my wife got together in a box.” It was good.

Sahadeva’s face fell off.

“Is there … Roll .. Potty …” Georgette halted. Sahadeva sighed and said ‘yes’.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so … Wiped.

Georgette could not believe his fellow crying in front of him. Is this the fellow god …! This old man does not have even a single strand of old God in his presence. Georgette looked at the queen without knowing what to say … The queen was in total sweat.

“All right. I came to tell you my story, Georgette. Not in that old case. Varun Prabhakar. Tell me about it. We are the only three of you. I am not here to disturb you again.

But … I can’t say that. Something I need to tell Georgette. ”

Sahadeva spoke very calmly. Georgette looked at the fellow with a low grin. There were fears in the Queen’s missions.

“Ishwar … after so many years … again .. !!”

“… .. The day before I came here for evidence, Varun’s father had told me to meet him. We were meeting in front of the new station.

Nothing more than that the person against George Kutty should not be diverted on account of his rivalry, to request that the investigation be properly conducted and find his son ..!

Rooney, Varun’s pet, was in his car at the time. Rooney jumped out of the car while we were talking. Can’t stop searching because it’s night …

I told Sar that I could search and find her in the morning and go home. Do you remember that dog …. Do you remember that dog?

“If you ask me, do you want me to tell you that?” I asked, looking at the queen. Rani nodded and nodded.

“Georgette will tell you in a few minutes what she said is not right. Leave it. Now let me tell you a story that I just loved.

Georgette or Queen, your marrying daughter … Someone killed Varun. Whether you agree to it or not, that’s the truth …

Varun’s body was buried in the same place .. But … the day before the evidence was taken, George’s body was removed from the place.

While I was talking to Varun’s father in front of the new station, Georgette was in the trenches burying Varun inside …

Georgette may have seen us .. He may not have seen it .. I’m not sure …. Just know that now Varun’s pet dog has jumped … !!

Specifically, the SI is sitting on the cover of Varun’s body at the new station. ”

Georgiotti jumped up angrily, leaving Rani in utter shock.

“Do you need to go through each story and admit it? You have to go, sir.

When you found out who you were, you had to let it go. You’ve hurt us so much.

Sahadeva laughed.

“Even when the case was on the brink of aggression, George was not angry. Didn’t I tell you I didn’t hurt you? George knows that if I tell the people I know what I’m talking about right now, I will be offended.

GEORGEOTTY looked at Sahadeva.


“Irik Georgejutty .. Rani, Irick ..” Sahadeva said with a laugh. Georgie and Rani sat on the settee looking at each other.

“After all these years, I will know how to say that. .!

Varun’s Pet I mentioned earlier. Two weeks ago, someone tortured it, and the workers there tied it with drugs.

When I get to the station, I see two constables coming out from under the SI’s table, slapping Rooney with a lathi. I still remember the constable saying that the dog would lie under that table again.

I called Varun’s father and told him about Rooney. ‘The missing son has not been found. Did you find his puppy? Are you ashamed to call it .. ‘This is the response. Then I left it. ”

Sahadevan looked at Georgette. Georgette is bowing his head to the floor, listening to everything. Rani looked up at her husband and Georgette in dismay, holding George in her arms.

Sahadevan continued, “….. when GeorgeJooty buried Varun in the police station, he would smell Varun and get out of his car.

He may have shouted and tried to attack Georgette. Then come and kill the Georgette Rooney with a pickaxe or a towel in his hand .. … but for Rooney’s escape .. !!!! “This is the truth. If you dig a pit at Rajakkad station, you will get Varun’s skeleton. This is the truth.

Georgette said nothing. The queen is shocked. She pressed Georgette’s hand. Shammi was not the real psychopath in Kumbalangi, he was being cheated on.

“… you have something to do with destroying your family. Varun … you firmly believe that he does not deserve anything less than death. That is why you have fought so much. The reason behind Varun’s death … You only know … I don’t know … Georgette is silent about this …

I was relieved that my conclusions were correct … ”

Sahadeva rose slowly.

“I am …. I still don’t understand you …”

Georgette didn’t move, Rani got up and knocked on Georgette. Georgette got up. Sahadeva looked at Georgette with her sandals on.

“You think I’m not here …..”

Sahadeva turned and started walking.

“Eh..hhhhh … now … wherever you are … how did you come to know the truth? I haven’t even told my wife.”

The fellow stood and smiled without looking back. “…. we rolled over a hill in a fracture and fell on top of a few people’s houses.

There was not even a single sign of the house. My Sulu..Soluchana … daughter..Perakutty.

Then some … some people .. all were buried alive ……. and Sahadeva stood silent for a while.

“……. I had a pet dog, Mollykutty. Somehow she managed to escape.

My mole is curled up in the hallway of her house. She looked at us and wept quietly …. “Sahadeva’s eyes flooded.

“… Mollykutty didn’t stay there for days …. It was Mollykutty who told me where Varun was.

Georgette …. you are also a loyal pet dog, burying the one who came to destroy you and is the guardian over his family.

The chest of the one who had no family was in the old fellow. Now you know … Georgette!

Sahadevan wiped his eyes and walked forward. Georgette stood there watching the old policemen walk by.

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