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Cape Canaveral (Florida, US) ‘billionaire billionaire Elon Musk’s sophisticated Time Crew Dragon capsule developed by SpaceX Co. NASA’s Bob Dengan and Doug Hurley have safely landed on the International Space Station. The world docking phase of the docking station took place at 10.16 am local time (7.46 pm Indian time).

The 19-hour voyage of 2 US astronauts from the US soil to the US spacecraft is exciting. Within minutes of launching the Falcon 9 rocket at 3.22 pm on Saturday afternoon, the first stage booster rocket disintegrated and returned to Earth and landed on the landing plate of the Atlantic Ocean.

The spacecraft launched from the US after 9 years. NASA, the US space agency, was the first to use a private spacecraft. Countries, including the US, are relying on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft to reach the International Space Station (ISS) orbiting the Earth.

With the successful arrival of the private carrier, the US will no longer have to seek Russian aid for such journeys. When Dragon Space X arrived yesterday, the ISS positioned 422 km above the border between North China and Mongolia.

English summary: Dragon SpaceX arrives at the space station

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