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The measures loosened because six months later we know the virus better and are better prepared. It’s not as hard as we thought at first. The measures we implemented in a timely manner also had their impact on the protection of our population. This was stated by the pulmonologist Dr. Alexander Simidchiev in the program “Face to Face” on BTV.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 8387

He described the COVID-19 infection as a fire. “When there are many infected – the fire burns faster and vice versa.”

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“Currently, all the tests that have been done show that only 4% have overcome the virus. I have no idea that there will be a second peak of the disease. Maybe it will be the fifth variant of colds, because our bodies are already immune. We already know the frequency of the virus and we see the characteristics of the epidemiological process, “he added.

“In Eastern Europe, things were different and milder than in Western Europe. There were coincidences that coincided with the imposition of measures, such as the flu vacation we were on,” added the pulmonologist.

“And without a vaccine, we’re doing very well with the epidemic. A future vaccine will vaccinate. ‘There’s one thing the virus can’t change, the way it attaches to the cell. So if a vaccine is created to protect “These areas will help. However, even without a vaccine, we are doing very well. If there is a vaccine, it will be given to people from risk groups,” explained Dr. Alexander Simidchiev.

“Mask and hand hygiene can protect us on a plane, it’s been said from the beginning,” he explained.

“If we follow these basic measures, we will have a very calm sea. COVID-19 has made it possible for people to go back 50-60 years to a time when infectious diseases were a scourge and higher hygiene measures were observed,” he said. Mr. Simidchiev.

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“Respiratory viruses are transmitted in the same way – they make us cough to spread them,” he said.

“Traveling by plane is a very risky activity because the same air circulates, which cannot be purified through filters. A good way to determine the risk is not to vaccinate the whole population, but those with risky behavior. It is better to vaccinate the people who will travel, instead of keeping them in quarantine for 14 days “, the pulmonologist is categorical.

According to him, hygiene is the best protection. “Frequent hand washing is mandatory. If we follow these basic measures, we will have a nice sea, “the doctor advised.

“There are people who are superinfectors and one of them can infect 100 or 1,000 people, and there are those who, even if they are sick, cannot infect. That is why there must be personal responsibility. If it is well explained to people why the measures should be followed, it is more effective than ordering, he stressed. That’s how people will do it, but with understanding, “explained the pulmonologist.

Asked if the coronavirus had become a shameful disease, Dr. Simidchiev said: “It is natural for us to get sick. There are no shameful diseases. There are those who are treated and those who are not treated. We will no longer live the same way. The world will be more hygienic, and social contacts will decrease. If we anticipate, we will be able to control it, “the doctor added.

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

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