Downloading 1000 HD Movies per Second: Surprisingly Fast Internet


Australian scientists have achieved the fastest internet data speed in the world. Researchers have claimed that the Internet has reached 44.2 terabytes (44.2 trillion bits) per second of optical fiber. That’s a return to the millions of Internet speeds available now. This is enough to download 1000 HD movies in a split second. This can be done with a single optical chip. This chip will help increase the capacity of network connections around the world.

Researchers at Swinburne, Monash, and RMIT universities in Australia are behind the discovery. This is achieved by the use of a microcomb system in optical fiber. The experiment was conducted on a 76.6 km cable in Melbourne.

According to a study published in the journal Nature Communications, telecommunications capabilities of countries that are struggling with the need for Internet infrastructure for new innovations can be quickly discovered. Scientists said they were able to achieve this speed by attaching their new device to existing fiber-optic technology, such as those used on broadband Internet networks.

Initially, these would be attractive for faster communication between data centers, said Arnan Mitchell, co-author of the study from RMT University in Australia. They experimented with 76.6 km of optical fibers between RMT’s Melbourne City campus and Monash University’s Clayton campus.

Fiber Loop is part of the Australian Light Wave Infrastructure Research Testbed (ALIRT), which was established with the investment of the Australian Research Council. They explained that it works like a rainbow composed of hundreds of high-quality invisible and infrared lasers from a single chip.

The study suggests that each of these lasers has the potential to be used as a separate communication channel. She said that this micro-chip was used inside a lab setting but it was the first time it was used in a field trial.

English Summary: 1000 HD movies downloaded in one second: Researchers record the fastest internet data speed

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