Download 1000 movies in less than a second … researchers create a high-speed Internet cable


Researchers from Australian universities have been able to create a high-speed Internet cable, which can download a thousand high-quality movies in less than a second.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, researchers from the universities of “Monash” and “Swinbon” and “RMIT” have developed the fastest Internet cable in the world, which can transfer 44.2 terabytes of data per second.

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This cable is considered super fast, compared to any other cable on the face of the earth, especially compared to the average speed of Australian cables, which is about 11 Mbps, meaning that this cable is 4 million times faster.

“The results show that the current Australian infrastructure can be upgraded to meet the increasing demands on Internet connections for everything from Netflix to self-driving cars,” said study co-author Dr. Bill Corcoran.

“We see today a peek at what will happen to the Internet infrastructure, within two to three years, with an unprecedented number of people using the Internet, for remote work, social networking and broadcasting.”

Corcoran noted, “Their technology can be applied to existing infrastructure, to enhance existing networks, rather than create something new, and explain:” We have developed something scalable, to meet future needs. “

To create the world’s fastest cable, researchers used a new device, replacing 80 laser chips with a single chip, known as a small comb, which is smaller and lighter than existing communication devices. The result was the largest amount of data produced by one optical chip.

The researchers believe, this technology has the potential to support high-speed Internet connections for 1.8 million households in Australia, at the same time, and billions around the world, during peak periods.

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