Donnie and Netty with a new album after a 15-year break (VIDEO)


Dobrin Vekilov – Doni and Antoaneta Dobreva – Neti gathered in the studio for the first time in a long time to complete their new joint album “2020”. It was released by Virginia Records in June, 15 years after their latest album, This Movie.

In 2011, when their daughter Lilia was born, Donnie and Netty decided to retire from the music scene for a while. During this period, Donnie formed the rock band “Foundation”, with which for 7 years he toured around the world on 4 continents: Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The band gives concerts in front of a large audience in a number of crowded halls. Neti, on the other hand, devoted herself to her theatrical career and child care, and at the same time completed a master’s degree in classical singing at the Pancho Vladigerov Academy of Music. She made her debut as the main character in the opera performances “Bohemia”, “Pretty Elena” and “The Maid-Mistress”. Her life is rearranged when she accidentally finds out that she has been adopted. She recently met her biological mother for the first time, and her father turned out to be her longtime friend and colleague.

The song “Sleeping Beauty” was originally recorded and performed by Donnie, and in a duet between the two, but later the duo decided to release the single only with the vocals of Netty. Donnie works on the lyrics and music of the song, and the oboe that sounds is the soloist Valchan Valchanov – Chani from the Sofia Philharmonic. “In the image of the sleeping beauty, Donnie and I recognize every little girl who is a joy to her parents and their sequel,” says Netty.

Donnie rarely writes in the style of his new song “Merry Noise”. As a sound, the song is reminiscent of his eternal hits “Lick your ice cream” and “Hat of colored spots”. The author of the music, lyrics and arrangement is Donnie. “The song is a playful and positive project. It’s for the moments when everything is so upside down that you start to take it as a joke and make fun of your own flying down, “said Donnie.

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