Domestic Flight Service: Quarantine for those who have green status in Health Setup: No Union Minister; States – Central aviation minister says no need for quarantine of domestic passengers with green status in aarogya setu app states that it is mandatory


New Delhi: Kovid 19 spreads at a record high in India India ranks 11th in the world in the number of Kovid sufferers with more than one lakh cases. India is one of the four countries in the world where the spread of kovid is the worst. Other countries include the United States, Russia and Brazil. India is set to launch domestic flights amid rising morbidity and mortality. There has been no definite decision on whether compulsory quarantine is required for those traveling to India, as in foreign countries. When some states say they want a quarantine, the central government does not need to.

Domestic flight from Monday

Domestic flights to start domestic flights Monday The services will be in compliance with the Kovid-19 lock-down criteria. The aviation ministry has instructed airlines to operate 30 per cent of the flights. Passengers will have access to the terminal four hours prior to departure. Must be reported to the terminal at least two hours ago. Airlines have started booking online. Those traveling to another state must meet the safety standards in their respective places.

Union Minister of State for Quarantine

Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri said that there was no need for a quarantine for domestic passengers. Domestic flights to India by May 25 In the first phase, 30% of the flights will be operated. Hardeep Singh Puri asks what it is like to travel to the country like those from abroad. The Minister said that only those who have symptoms should be quarantined. A 14-day quarantine is a must for all foreigners visiting India. Those with symptoms are quarantined in government quarantine centers or hospitals. Others should stay at home with the Quarantine.

Must pass; Quarantine is mandatory

The Government of Kerala has made it clear that passengers are required to board domestic flights. The pass can be taken online from the state government’s Kovid Vigilance website. The state government has issued a guideline that airlines should ensure that passengers have to enter the state before they can travel. The 14-day quarantine is mandatory for domestic flights. Those arriving at the airport must also go to Quarantine. The government will appoint patients with quarantine centers or hospitals. Others are just past the Home Quarantine.

Green Status Green Signal!

Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri said that those who have green status in Health Sethu Aap need no quarantine. Domestic travelers are required to download the Health Setu App. The minister said the app would provide all the information pertaining to the health status of the individuals and therefore those who get green status do not need special monitoring. However, states including Kerala state that the quarantine is mandatory for those entering the Red Zone. Those with green status are required to have a quarantine because they are likely to come in contact with infected people on the go.

Other states by the way of Kellam

Four states, apart from Kerala, have made the quarantine mandatory for domestic flights. States such as Karnataka, Assam, Mizoram and Manipur have said that domestic flights should be in quarantine. The Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir has also made quarantine mandatory for those coming from other states. Those who come from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh are in quarantine for seven days.

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