Do not own it … reveal the most dangerous cars in the world


Researchers from the American Insurance Institute “IIHS” studied accident statistics and crash tests, and revealed the most dangerous cars in the world.

                    AFP 2020 / THIERRY CHARLIER

For fear of serious accidents … “Ford” withdraws more than a million cars

According to experts, a small car is unable to protect the driver and passengers during an accident, and in critical situations, the risk to the driver and passengers increases if a small car is involved in an accident.

According to statistics, every million cars insured 116 of them were exposed to a fatal accident, and the researchers found that the Ford Fiesta was ranked first in seriousness, killing about 142 drivers of this car, and the researchers pointed out that the reason for the number The large number of deaths is due to the fragility of its structure.

While the Hyundai Accent ranked second in terms of severity (95 people were killed), the Fiat 500 ranked third with a death rate of 87 people.

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