diya krishna opens up | The boys would not stand at home, and would tell their father if his friends came; Says Diya Krishna


Krishna Kumar is a popular actor in Malayalam cinema. The actor’s family is also one of the favorites of the Malayalam audience. Of the four daughters, the eldest daughter Ahana Krishna is also a noted Malayalam actor. The family is celebrating the Lockdown period with dance, song, and TicTac videos and exercises.

Diya Krishna, one of Krishna Kumar’s sons, is now open about his hobbies during Lockdown. Diya says that she wants to entertain people and that she and Ahana and others are doing tikto kokko. In a virtual interview with Behind Woods Eyes, Diya made this clear.

“Hansika is the best in the house. Lies with Hansika. The guys are afraid to stand at home, no one is around, and even if their father comes home and doesn’t say anything, friends won’t come there. From an early age, I wanted to act in films. But that hasn’t happened yet and there are a lot of offers coming up. But the beginning must be good. We are waiting for a good opportunity, ”says Diya.


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