Diversion: “Bella, bye!” Sounds from .. mosques in Izmir (video)


The song of the Italian anti-fascists “Bella, bye” was announced yesterday by the Turkish city of Izmir, as the source of the music was more than unusual – the minarets of some of the local mosques, Bianet reports.

Local religious authorities initially denied this at all, but later (because of the dozens of videos on social media with the unusual performance) announced that they were investigating a sabotage. “According to our initial analysis, unknown individuals have sabotaged our centralized system for calling to prayer,” the ministry said, bTV reported.

This is not just a joke with the city’s more religious residents, but obviously a political action. “Bella, bye” dates back to the Second World War, but has become especially relevant in our southern neighbor in recent years – at a time when the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan is concretizing in power.

The hugely popular folk rock band Group Yorum translated the lyrics into Turkish and the song began to be heard at opposition rallies. The musicians also support the Kurdish cause for an independent state, which proved to be a sufficient reason to be persecuted by the authorities and banned from concert activities.

In protest, the artists went on a hunger strike, and two of them – singer Helin Bölek and bassist Ibrahim Jorum – died.

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