Disease in one country As confirmation


Gangtok: Sikkim, India’s only kovid-free state, has confirmed its first positive case. A student returning home from Delhi has been diagnosed with the Kovid 19 virus in Sikkim. Kovid, a 25-year-old young man from South Sikkim, who was studying in Delhi for the competitive exams, confirmed that Kovid was the health secretary for the state. PT Bhutia said.

The Department of Health is now trying to find out who has come in direct contact with the patient. The young man returned to Sikkim on May 17. The young man was taken to the STNM hospital, he said. A sample of the young man was sent to North Bengal Medical College for further examination after showing signs of coronavirus.

The result came Saturday afternoon. While there has been an increase in the number of Kovid cases in India for the past four months, not a single case has been reported in Sikkim.

Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang had said that Sikkim has been under intense scrutiny ever since Kovid19 was first confirmed in the country. Sikkim has also been charged with attempted murder against those who enter the state without a virus test.

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