Discovering the world’s first asteroid with a tail … photos and videos


Scientists have monitored over the centuries of space and the changes that occur in it, and observed from the foot a great difference between comets and planets.

According to all studies, comets travel in specific orbits and consist of rock masses and ice, which generates an aura similar to the tail when it approaches the sun due to the blowing of fumes and dust.

But asteroids are large, dry, rocky and inert in general, and they travel in solar orbits that resemble the orbit of our planet.

But scientists have been shocked recently with an unexpected strange scene, contradicting these theories, noting that there is a tail on a newly discovered planet called the symbol “2019 LD2”, which scientists considered the first case of its kind to be seen to this moment, according to the scientific journal “sciencealert”.

Scientists pointed out that this asteroid has a comet-like tail, and it first caught the attention of astronomers in early June of 2019, when the Early Warning System at The Hague University discovered through the “Atlas” a new and faded signal in the Trojan group.

On June 10, scientists observed at the Atlas Observatory a strange behavior on the planet caused by the behavior of the comet, and on June 11 and 13, scientists observed in more than one observatory around the world this behavior, and in July 2019 the images of the new Atlas were the decisive, Although it was pale, but it was clear, an asteroid had a tail similar to the tail of comets, a unique condition that was first recorded in history.

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