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London, May 22 (ANI): The price of passengers traveling to India has been partially revoked. The Union Home Ministry yesterday granted partial exemptions to the regulation by special order. For Indian parents, little children who received an OCI card due to foreign births, deceased family members at home, couples who have Indian nationality and foreign nationality for one another, university students who are living in India and abroad with an OCI card.

They can register themselves with the Indian Embassies in their respective countries and board the special flights that are part of the Vandebharat Mission. In the case of private air service, it can travel to India too.

By a special order on May 5, the Indian government froze all life long multi entry visas for foreigners for a time. The move came after OCI card holders tried to get into Vande Bharat without any special reason. The freeze was directed to the needy to contact the embassies.

Eight to 14 days of quarantine will be made mandatory for those coming to the UK from abroad. Those who violate the terms of the Quarantine will be fined up to £ 1000. The law applies to British citizens as well. Those arriving by plane, train or ferry must fill in a special form at the immigration counters and enter the address and contact number of the Quarantine Center. The health department will conduct lightning tests in these areas.

These quarantine provisions will not apply to people who come from Ireland, lorry drivers, health workers and seasonal farmworkers. The 14-day stay is mandatory for those coming from European countries but does not apply to those from the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, which are British-owned. Those who do not have their own quarantine facility will be provided by the government. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, local governments can decide how these terms will apply.

The three-month moratorium, announced in Britain for mortgage repayments, has been extended for another three months. The moratorium, which ends in June, has been extended to three months for those who are struggling financially.

The British government borrowed £ 62.1 billion this month to address the special economic blunder caused by Covid’s. With this, the government’s fiscal deficit will rise to £ 298 billion. The plan, which provides 80 per cent of the salary for those who lost their jobs as part of the lockdown, suddenly caused major financial hardship. 351 people die in Britain With this the total death toll was 36,393.

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