Disclosure from the special court: He betrayed Bobokovi


Vasil Bogdanov – manager of the company “Monbat Recycling”, has confessed to the scheme under which his bosses are accused – the brothers Atanas and Plamen Bobokovi, reports “Trud”.

This became clear in the courtroom, which must determine whether to keep in custody six of those identified as participants in an organized criminal group.
The special prosecutor’s office decided to release Plamen Bobokov on BGN 1 million bail. Behind bars were his brother Atanas, Krassimir Zhivkov – Deputy Minister of Environment and Water, Gabriel Savov – former director of RIEW – Pleven, businessman Nikolay Mihovski, who created a site for waste imported from Italy in the industrial zone of Pleven, the nominal owner of the site Aygun Eminov and the manager Vasil Bogdanov.

The prosecutor’s office for the garbage affair: Photos with names of killed and large sums were found, the name of Bozhkov VIDEO emerges

For the first four, the prosecutor’s office requested permanent arrest, and for Eminov and Bogdanov “house arrest”, as they both helped the investigation.

The company “Monbat Recycling” is a subsidiary of “Monbat” AD and was created for recycling batteries. Separately, Bobokovi have a recycling company in Italy, from where they import additional raw materials for their production in Bulgaria. Bogdanov said that thanks to their contact with Zhivkov, who pressured his subordinates in the Ministry of Environment and Water, the businessmen received notifications – (permits) to import not only hazardous but also any other waste from Italy.

With the exception of Monbat Recycling, the companies that received the garbage in our country had neither the capacity nor the activity to process it, but only stored it and issued invoices that the waste was recovered.

The investigation has so far collected 66 volumes of evidence, including data on VAT evasion. The list of names and sizes of wealth of famous people in the period 2003-2004, found during the searches of Atanas Bobokov, was not discussed at all in the courtroom.

“A chain of companies registered in Bulgaria and Italy has been set up, with the aim of developing activities that appear to be legal.” This was explained by Angel Kanev, Deputy Chief of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

We remind you that on May 28 in several cities in the country a specialized action of the prosecutor’s office was held. After that, the Deputy Minister of Ecology was arrested under a scheme for coercion and trade in garbage.

He clarified that the Bulgarian and Italian authorities are cooperating and a joint investigation team has been formed in the two countries. Prosecutor Kanev did not rule out accusations against other participants in the schemes, including officials.


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