Director FIOD on non-active for allowance affair


Hans van der Vlist announced his departure by email to the staff. That mail is in the hands of Follow the Money.

He has been head of FIOD since 2011 and in that capacity was also part of the tax fraud management team responsible for the allowance affair. He denies any involvement in the email. “I have had no involvement, science or direct responsibility in handling Fees,” he writes, among other things.


On Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance announced that it had filed a report with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for possible crimes, including ‘professional discrimination’ in the affair. In addition to professional discrimination, this would also involve ‘gagging’, an official crime in which an official consciously wrongly claims money.

The ministry also suspended five officials, without saying who it was. Now it turns out that Van der Vlist is one of them. In an internal weekly report, the director-general Allowances earlier this week denied that the colleagues were put on non-active duty.

Overshooted fraud hunt

The allowance affair came to light after a series of revelations by RTL Nieuws and Trouw, which showed that the tax authorities tackled thousands of parents with childcare allowance very hard. Even the slightest suspicion of fraud, whether it was justified or not, ended the entire surcharge, all had to be repaid in one go and skyrocketing fines followed.

Parents had no chance to refute the charges. It later turned out that the tax authorities targeted the hunt for fraud in particular for parents of a second nationality.

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